Minä Perhonen -

Have you ever feel disappointed when taking out of the washing machine a lovely clothe you have just bought complete destroyed?

I have felt like that. Lovely pullies I have just wear once and they have been decorated with little chocolate hands. And you know you have lost them. I think this is what Minä Perhonen want to avoid.

This Japanese fashion brand's focus is to create clothes that maintains their allure along time. The lovely finnish name of the brand means Minä = I and Perhonen =  butterfly, with the wish of creating beautiful designs like the butterflies' wings have. The original logo also has a special meaning: "various characters (wich are the dots) within oneself (the rectangle shape)" meaning that the design can be countles as the number of butterflies species is. 

All in this brand inspires beauty, calm, good taste and love for making things good.

And they not only design clothes. They have textil and furniture as well. It has touched me!