Lecturas para el finde/Readings for the weekend

Una revista online/una web

Juxtapoz - an online magazine about painting, photography, graffiti and many more topics. Really interesting their article about first Nasa's space tourism posters !


Una cuenta de instagram/an instagram account

Oh my kids - an instagram account full of inspiring photos. They have a lovely shop of children clothes.


Una cuenta de tumblr/a tumblr account

Collage by Leonis Ogour - an amazing French artist that loves collage, like me!


Un libro/a book

Esta semana me resulta imprescindible recomendar El nombre de la rosa, (Umberto Eco, 1980). Descanse en paz. 

This week I feel the need of recommending "The name of the rose" (Umberto Eco, 1980). Rest in peace.

Magazines for your weekend reading

Hi all,

The weekend is here and we are supposed to have a bit of free time to enjoy making our hobbies. I really like reading and watching art and design magazines and I want to share with you some of the magazines I have discovered the last few days. I love many more but for the weekend these five links are enough, don't you think?  Any recommendation about magazines will be welcome!

Happy weekend!!

A - Aesthetica Magazine  - http://www.aestheticamagazine.com/

B - Bak Magazinehttp://www.bakmagazine.com/

F - Frieze Magazinehttp://www.frieze.com/magazine/

      Frankie Magazine - http://www.frankie.com.au

      Folk Magazine - http://www.folklifestyle.com