Fotógrafo de la semana/Photographer of the week - Annie Leibo

Ayer no me dio tiempo a escribir y me dio mucha rabia, rompí mi propósito de mantener mi rutina. Hoy lo retomo y con la gran Annie Leibovitz, una de mis fotógrafas favoritas.

Todos sabéis quién es y probablemente sabréis de ella más que yo pero como curiosidad os cuento que es la fotógrafa mejor pagada del mundo (el fotógrafo mejor pagado creo que es Steven Meisel). También fue la última en retratar a John Lennon antes de que fuera asesinado en 1980. Ese mismo día realizó una sesión de fotos con John Lennon para la revista Rolling Stone. El insistió en retratarse con Yoko por lo que Annie le pidió que se quitara la ropa y se tumbara junto a su mujer en el suelo. Tras ver la primera Polaroid quedaron entusiasmados "Has captado nuestra relación tal cuál es. Prométeme que será la portada." Cinco horas después John Lennon moría de cinco disparos.  (Me he permitido la libertad de traducirlo del inglés, espero que no esté muy mal). 

Yesterday I didn't have time to write any post and I feel a little sad because I broke my following a routine rule. Today I come back with my posts and I do it with a great woman, Annie Leibovitz, one of my favourite photographers.

I guess you all know her and perhaps more than me but I want to tell you some curiosities about her. She is the best paid female photographer (the best paid male photographer is Steven Meisel). She was the last person to professionally photograph John Lennon before he died. On December 1980, she had a photo shoot with John Lennon for Rolling Stone. Lennon insisted that he must be photographed with Yoko Ono. So she asked him to remove his clothes and curl up on the floor, next to Yoko. After looking at the first Polaroid John said "You've captured our relationship exactly. Promise me it'll be on the cover". He was shot and killed five hours later.



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Pommelo and raspberries cake recipe

Hi everyone,

I love cooking with the kids and they are begining to cook by themselves. Yesterday, my eldest son, Cayetano, baked a pommelo and raspberries cake recipe that I make quite often. He loves it and he wanted to make by his own. It's no easy for a child because you must grate the pommelo and then you must squeeze it to extract the juice. But he did it and the cake is delicious!! I am really proud of him. 

Here I write for you the recipe in English and Spanish. It's a recipe I have adapted from Canelle and Vanille blog. You can clik and go to the original recipe wich an another adaptation from Elle à Table.

Hope you like it!!