Diseñador de la semana/Designer of the week -

Estos últimos días hemos estado en Roma y me he vuelto a enamorar de esa ciudad. Acostumbrada a la pulcritud y el orden alemanes reconozco que iba con cierto prejuicio, estará sucia, será un desorden y un caos, tendré que llevar bien guardado el bolso... y de nuevo esta ciudad impresionante ha vuelto a explotar ante mis ojos, llena de luz, calor, maravillas en cada esquina, encanto en cada calle, amabilidad en cada gente, buena comida en cada restaurante... Bendito caos ordenado, benditas piedras por todas partes, bendito sol italiano y benditos helados. Hemos descubierto sitios que nos han encantado como comer en un pequeñísimo restaurante llamado Alfredo e Ada, cercano al Castel Sant'Angelo, dedicar una tarde entera a perdernos con una bici de seis plazas por los caminos de Villa Borghese, a escuchar el bullicio, la música que está por todas partes, los niños que gritan y la gente que ríe, o cenar en el restaurante Li Rioni a Santiquattro, donde cocinan las mejores pizzas que he comido nunca, comprar cuentos en una librería preciosa cercana a la Piazza Navona o pasear cerca de noche cerca del Coliseo, así como quien no quiere la cosa, sin pretender visitar nada, como si estuviéramos acostumbrados a ver esta maravilla todos los días. Me encanta Roma, ya estoy pensando en volver. 

Y como no podía ser de otra forma, el diseñador de esta semana es un italiano, Fabio Novembre.

Me encantan sus diseños y su filosofía.. "Quiero respirar hasta ahogarme, quiero amar hasta morir." Toma ya!

Since 1966, I’ve responded to those who call me Fabio Novembre.
Since 1992, I’ve responded to those who also call me “architect”.
I cut out spaces in the vacuum by blowing air bubbles, and I make gifts of sharpened pins so as to insure I never put on airs.
My lungs are imbued with the scent of places that I’ve breathed, and when I hyperventilate it’s only so I can remain in apnea for awhile.
As though I were pollen, I let myself go with the wind, convinced I’m able to seduce everything that surrounds me.
I want to breathe till I choke.
I want to love till I die.

Little treasures of Prague


This weekend we have been in Prague. It was my first time there and I really like this city. We have gone with the kids and even visiting cities is not their favourite thing, they have enjoyed a lot because Prague has a lot of funny things to do with kids. On Thursday evening we went to the National Marionetten Theater. When you read "National" on a theater name you think is a really big and bright one, full of lights and with big stairs on its front door but this theater is really small, and it has a tiny front door. We saw  "The magic flute", the famous Mozart's opera, in original version, so in German, and I didn't understand anything but a few words. But the music is so nice that it doesn't matter. The puppets are really nice and the kids enjoyed it a lot, even it was in German. Mateo, my two-years-old todler, didn't move neither blink and I think he was the one that understood better the play.


On Friday we visited the Petrin Hill where you can go up to the Eiffel Tower replica. You can take a little train that brings you to the top of the hill. Now it's broken so if you go there you will have to walk, as we had to do. On the top of the tower you will find the best views of Prague. We had bad luck and the morning was a bit foggy but the views were still beautiful. On that hill there is also a mirror labyrinth and it's really funny. You have to visit it. We took funny pictures of our kids laughing at the mirrors.


We then walked along one of the little islands Prague has and they played on a funny park. All the trees were orange and yellow, autumn is so beautiful.

Then we walked to Vytopna Restaurant, a restaurant were you receive your drinks on little electrical trains. The food is simple (chicken nuggets...) but it's good for kids and they enjoyed a lot seeing the trains passing by.

In the afternoon we had a cup of coffee in Paul cafeteria. It's a French chain of bakery shops and there are a few of them in Prague and they are really, really nice.  Then we get lost in the streets and we stopped in a Marks&Spencer shop. There I rediscovered a parfum I used when I was younger and I bought it. I love the way parfums reminds me a lot of things. Before getting lost in the Jewish quarter I discover another shop I have fallen in love with, Manufaktura. It's a lovely shop where you can buy soaps, deco stuff for the home, lovely towels, candles and nice dolls made with cob leaves. We already had one Holly Family in Spain and we bought another one for Munich. I also bought some tea, that is so good, by the way, and Mojito soap, which looks really good. After visiting Josefov, the Jewish Quarter, we visited the Charles bridge but, against what you would expect, we didn't cross it! I think we are the only one we didn't cross the bridge!! 

On Saturday we visited the zoo and it's really nice. The day was great, sunny and warm, and we had a great time. The last hour I was a bit tired of seeing animals and when the kids took me to the spiders space it was too much for me. But it was nice and it's a really nice way to enjoy the day with the kids.


Then we go for a walk to the Castle and to Mala Straná quarter. I really love that place, it was a pity that the kids were tired because I would have liked to walk and get lost in the streets. We bought the typical trpedzic cake, a roll covered with sugar and almonds. I love it, I could eat thousands of them!!

On Sunday we left Prague and we visited a lovely little village called Český Krumlov, a Unesco World Heritage Site.