Modern play magazine interview and more

Hi everyone,

The week has started with good news. Part of my family is here and they are sharing with us all our daily moments. All together we have taken Mateo to the kinderkrippe. It was nice to show the little house to granny and cousin but staying there while all have fun at home was a bit hard so Mateo has cried a bit this morning.


Then I have browsed a bit on internet to read the interview Modern Play magazine made some weeks ago. It's really nice to read about your life and your work in an interesting magazine, it makes me feel happy to share my feelings and interests with such an interesting people as Dunia Barrera. Here you have a nice reading for a grey Monday!


Enjoy your day and have a creative Monday!!!

New Vigne illustrations point of sale in Munich

Hi everybody,

If you live in Munich and you want to go for a walk in Starnberg, you can now buy a lovely Vigne illustration in Wunderland, a lovely toy shop full of special and handmade toys for kids. I thought it was perfect for my illustrations. I love these little shops where you can find toys that tell stories about the people that create them.

The nice thing was that Adriana helped me a lot to pack the illustrations and we had a great morning preparing everything. Yesterday the kids had no school because the 3rd of October is the German reunification day so we spend the day together and she helped me a lot. She is now my new assistant and she was so happy knowing that she was helping me. It doesn't matter if I don't sale any illustration, just enjoying this time with her worth it!!


Josef-Jägerhuber-Straße 5, 82319 Starnberg

Have a nice Tuesday!! (Time flies, isn't it)

One little sketch from the weekend

Hi all,

I hope your weekend was as good as mine. We have enjoyed a lot at Oktoberfest in Munich, so much that we went twice along the weekend. The kids ride on the roller-coaster and all this kind of things and we enjoy being together. It was really crowded but it was fun.

Along the weekend I had a little time for draw some sketches and here is one of them, a little girl dreaming and playing. My son Gabi makes this all day. He seems to be in his own world and sometimes I speak to him and is like he doesn't hear me, he has such a big own world. I really like it because when you grow up you loose it for you have to be thinking about many boring things and you can't pay attention to your inner dreams and thoughts. That's why I created this sketch.

Have a nice Monday!!