Diseñador de la semana/Designer of the week - Henry Dreyfuss

Hola a todos,

Hoy quiero hablaros de Henry Dreyfuss, un diseñador industrial americano, muy influyente en la época de 1930 y 1940, famoso por sus teléfonos creados para Bell Telephones Laboratory. También diseñó locomotoras, aspiradores, termostatos o relojes. 


Today I want to show you some of the Henry Dreyfuss work. He was an American industrial designer. He and his firm received world-wide recognition for their designs. They had a long-term association with the Western Electric company and the Bell System for designing telephones from the 1930s through the 1960s. 


More info:


Tractor photo source - http://www.bowlusroadchief.com/john-deere-and-henry-dreyfuss/

Mercury Streamline photo source - http://magpieaesthetic.com/mercury-streamliner-henry-dreyfuss-1930/