Little treasures of Prague


This weekend we have been in Prague. It was my first time there and I really like this city. We have gone with the kids and even visiting cities is not their favourite thing, they have enjoyed a lot because Prague has a lot of funny things to do with kids. On Thursday evening we went to the National Marionetten Theater. When you read "National" on a theater name you think is a really big and bright one, full of lights and with big stairs on its front door but this theater is really small, and it has a tiny front door. We saw  "The magic flute", the famous Mozart's opera, in original version, so in German, and I didn't understand anything but a few words. But the music is so nice that it doesn't matter. The puppets are really nice and the kids enjoyed it a lot, even it was in German. Mateo, my two-years-old todler, didn't move neither blink and I think he was the one that understood better the play.


On Friday we visited the Petrin Hill where you can go up to the Eiffel Tower replica. You can take a little train that brings you to the top of the hill. Now it's broken so if you go there you will have to walk, as we had to do. On the top of the tower you will find the best views of Prague. We had bad luck and the morning was a bit foggy but the views were still beautiful. On that hill there is also a mirror labyrinth and it's really funny. You have to visit it. We took funny pictures of our kids laughing at the mirrors.


We then walked along one of the little islands Prague has and they played on a funny park. All the trees were orange and yellow, autumn is so beautiful.

Then we walked to Vytopna Restaurant, a restaurant were you receive your drinks on little electrical trains. The food is simple (chicken nuggets...) but it's good for kids and they enjoyed a lot seeing the trains passing by.

In the afternoon we had a cup of coffee in Paul cafeteria. It's a French chain of bakery shops and there are a few of them in Prague and they are really, really nice.  Then we get lost in the streets and we stopped in a Marks&Spencer shop. There I rediscovered a parfum I used when I was younger and I bought it. I love the way parfums reminds me a lot of things. Before getting lost in the Jewish quarter I discover another shop I have fallen in love with, Manufaktura. It's a lovely shop where you can buy soaps, deco stuff for the home, lovely towels, candles and nice dolls made with cob leaves. We already had one Holly Family in Spain and we bought another one for Munich. I also bought some tea, that is so good, by the way, and Mojito soap, which looks really good. After visiting Josefov, the Jewish Quarter, we visited the Charles bridge but, against what you would expect, we didn't cross it! I think we are the only one we didn't cross the bridge!! 

On Saturday we visited the zoo and it's really nice. The day was great, sunny and warm, and we had a great time. The last hour I was a bit tired of seeing animals and when the kids took me to the spiders space it was too much for me. But it was nice and it's a really nice way to enjoy the day with the kids.


Then we go for a walk to the Castle and to Mala Straná quarter. I really love that place, it was a pity that the kids were tired because I would have liked to walk and get lost in the streets. We bought the typical trpedzic cake, a roll covered with sugar and almonds. I love it, I could eat thousands of them!!

On Sunday we left Prague and we visited a lovely little village called Český Krumlov, a Unesco World Heritage Site. 

Custom portraits

Hi everyone,

Today I want to open a bit my studio and show you the process of creating one of the things that I love the most, family portraits. It's not an easy process because I use few strokes to get the face and expression and it takes me a lot of time and work, sometimes more than two weeks, and a lot sketches. My customer sends me the photographs, usually with the people in different places, so I firstly create the mean features and the composition. I draw it by hand with pencil and ink. Once it is ready I scann it and color it digitally. I send it to the customer and if  he/she likes it, I draw all the details and adjust the colors. Then I send again the sketch and the customer adds all the changes they want. I don't have any changes limit because I really want the customer to receive a portrait they are fully satisfied with but I usually have the portrait ready on the third sketch.

I really love creating them because there is a lot of interaction with the customer and you feel they are really happy when you get their idea and you send them the illustration they were dreaming with. Moreover customer's ideas are amazing and they ask me to create really original things. I learn a lot each time I create a new one. I have created them for presents, wedding invitations, business cards, avatar, web pages, events, and more. Here I show you one of the last portraits I created but you can see more on my web page on the portraits section. Hope you like them!

Remember, if you want a family portrait the process is easy.

1.- Send me at least a couple of images of yourself and the people and/or pets you want to be in the portrait to my email or by facebook message.

2.- Tell me about your prefered outfit 

3.- Do you want to add a quote or date?

4.- Send me some photographs of the pets you want to include.

I’ll send you a test file where you will be able to make changes before printing.

You will receive a high quality printed illustration. The portrait is handmade and digitally colored.

El procedimiento para tener tu propio retrato es el siguiente: 

1. - Envíame dos imágenes de ti mismo y de la gente y/o mascotas que quieras que salgan a mi email

2.- Dime qué te gustaría llevar puesto en el retrato

3.- Quieres añadir alguna una nota o una fecha?

4.- Mándame varias fotos de las mascotas que quieras incluir.

Te enviaré una prueba de la ilustración sobre la que puedes hacer los cambios que quieras antes de imprimirla.

Recibirás una ilustración única impresa en papel de 220g de excelente calidad firmada por mi.