Diseñador de la semana

Hola a todos,

Empezamos nueva semana con más calorcito por Munich, menos mal. La nieve se está derritiendo y por fin hemos superado los cero grados!

Esta semana quiero dedicar el lunes al gran Verner Panton (1926-1998), diseñador danés lleno de color e imaginación! Sus diseños futuristas y hechos, muchas veces, de plástico, son inigualables! Estudió arquitectura y tras licenciarse, trabajó en el estudio de Arne Jacobsen, otro gran diseñador danés al que ya dedicaré otro lunes. Después fundó su propio estudio. Me encantan las composiciones espaciales en las que unía el suelo, las paredes, el techo, los muebles, las lámparas... todo, para formar una unidad espacial. Lo dicho, un genio!

Imágenes de wikipedia y Verner Panton Official Reference Portal.

Magazines for your weekend reading

Hi all,

The weekend is here and we are supposed to have a bit of free time to enjoy making our hobbies. I really like reading and watching art and design magazines and I want to share with you some of the magazines I have discovered the last few days. I love many more but for the weekend these five links are enough, don't you think?  Any recommendation about magazines will be welcome!

Happy weekend!!

A - Aesthetica Magazine  - http://www.aestheticamagazine.com/

B - Bak Magazinehttp://www.bakmagazine.com/

F - Frieze Magazinehttp://www.frieze.com/magazine/

      Frankie Magazine - http://www.frankie.com.au

      Folk Magazine - http://www.folklifestyle.com

Ceramics from Denmark

I really love ceramics and the wooden animals from Danish design company Lucie Kaas. This company was founded by Esben Gravlev. Their focus is to discover new design talents and cooperate with them in the creation of products and at the same time carrying on classic designs in new interpretations. Their main mission is create objects that can tell a story, whether that lies in the history of the designer, the use of materials or the shape of the object and I love that way of thinking.

Happy Tuesday!

Glad Tirsdag!

Futura Branding Coach

This week I have just come accross an independent design studio based in Mexico called Futura and I was amazed looking at their work. I just love it! The purity of the shapes, the colors they are using and the way they mix them, the clean lines, the apparent simplicity, the stylish typography they use... Everything is so cool! I couldn't stop watching their behance page. I specially love the Hikeshy logo based on japanese fire fighters of the XVII century and the icons created for Sabor a mi. Hope you enjoy this!!

Happy weekend!!