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me encanta dibujar estados de ánimo y éste es el de hoy. Bueno, el de hace un ratito porque me acaban de llamar del cole diciéndome que uno de mis hijos se ha hecho un chichón :-(.

La cara refleja alegría y recuerdo, pues esta última semana he recuperado de golpe a mis amigos de la infancia, los del cole. Tanto tiempo preguntándome qué sería de ellos y ahora los tengo ahí, a golpe de click, es increíble. Lo mejor es que parece que no ha pasado el tiempo, seguimos igual, con el niño que llevamos dentro todavía intacto. Bendita infancia!

Portraits for Born-Magazine webpage

Hi there, 

Few weeks ago I worked again with the lovely people from the gorgeous online magazine Born-magazine.  It's a really nice semestral magazine for modern parents and families that love to wear their kids with special and fashionable clothes. It has interesting interviews and really nices photograhps. I love it and it's really inspiring.  They asked me to create the portraits of the team for the "who we are" part of the site and as we have worked together a few times the included me in the team, that was great!!  Hope you like them!

Have a nice Wednesday and I hope your day is sunnier than here in Munich :-)! If not, let's make it bright with your smile!

Modern play magazine interview and more

Hi everyone,

The week has started with good news. Part of my family is here and they are sharing with us all our daily moments. All together we have taken Mateo to the kinderkrippe. It was nice to show the little house to granny and cousin but staying there while all have fun at home was a bit hard so Mateo has cried a bit this morning.


Then I have browsed a bit on internet to read the interview Modern Play magazine made some weeks ago. It's really nice to read about your life and your work in an interesting magazine, it makes me feel happy to share my feelings and interests with such an interesting people as Dunia Barrera. Here you have a nice reading for a grey Monday!


Enjoy your day and have a creative Monday!!!

Instagram inspiration

Hi everyone,

Instagram really inspires me and I there are accounts that are really an artwork. Some of them inspire me to create illustrations, like @_madieco_ and the illustration I have just created. 

Here I want to share with you some of them I have discovery in the last days and I really appreciate. Visit and enjoy!!


Tanya Ling 


Flow magazine

Mami ya es de dia


Bodie and fou