Sakoseko bags

Hi everyone,

Today I want to show you a really lovely and stylish pouch bags brand I have found. It's name is Sakoseko and it's created my Dunia Barrera. She is one of the most interesting, entrepreneur and kindest person I have ever met. She is a photographer, a great teacher, mother, wife... a supergirl! She carries out the whole process, from the design, the sewing by hand and the packaging.  She is really conscious about nature and the idea of her products is to avoid using plastic bags all the time. Instead of that, she offers stylish and really, really useful bags, with lovely designs and made of a soft waterproof fabric that is really comfortable. I adore them. I bought the yellow one last week and I have been using it all the time for my painting stuff, make up,  for Mateo's clothes (now that he is without nappies I have to carry on my bag a lot of change clothes).  You can use them for everything!!

Hope you like them!