Welcome september

Hello september,

Finally you are here, bringing routine and new projects to do. 

As every september, I've just made a list of my plans for this new school year and here it is:

1. Running - I don't like this part but I know it's good for me so go ahead! I can do it!

2. Cooking - I want to innovate in the kitchen. As school days pass we all get bored of the same dinners so I want to cook different recipes. I will tell you the good ones, don't worry!

3. Blogging - I want to write more often on my new web blog, and I want to be consistent and disciplined. It's not easy to write in English when is not your mother tongue so sorry for my mistakes but I have many friends and customers all arount the world so I can reach them.

4. Drawing and illustrating - I want to draw all the images I have in my head and all the new ones that will appear along the time. I also want to illustrate short stories. Umm, exciting, isn't it?

5. Singing - Yes, it sound a bit strange but I want to sing more and complain less. I have discovered that singing is one of my best ways of relaxing so go ahead and be happier singing and forget the bad things.

And what are your plans for this year?